I will go to the king even though it is against the law. And if I perish, I perish.

–Queen Esther

Beautiful Twinkling Star

Climb Every Mountain

My Swiss, Jewish and German blood was pounding in my ears yesterday as I strode up an Alpine path where Sigmund Freud used to hike. To the left I saw rocks, buttercups, purple fuzzy flowers, blue gentians, white flowers and and fields of plants that I could have sworn were rhubarb. To the right wereContinue reading “Climb Every Mountain”

Gabriel’s Garden

From Israel, I have arrived in Austria. The flight was four hours and the atmosphere was businesslike. People hop from country to country in this part of the world just as though they were going from New York to Tennessee. As the plane touched down in Vienna, I’d like to think I saw the beautifulContinue reading “Gabriel’s Garden”

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