Beautiful Twinkling Star

Twinkling Stars find a cheerless spot and shine with all their might.

The Ring of Power

I met my family in the shed. They were hunched over a large electric pot which was steaming with the unmistakable, enveloping odor of vegetable oil mixed with a sharp sweaty onion smell. Fun. This is how my family throws a party. As we slowly come out of isolation we will do what it takesContinue reading “The Ring of Power”

My Dad Married a Lion

There’s a scene in A Man for All Seasons on top of the Tower of London. Thomas More is in prison; Alice and Margret are visiting him. Although Alice actually cannot understand why he doesn’t just take the oath and get released–she loves him and doesn’t want him to die–she overcomes her feelings and tellsContinue reading “My Dad Married a Lion”


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These are stories about how people can “find some little cheerless spot and shine” as though they were a beautiful twinkling star.

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